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Children’s Books & Media

Kids’ BooksKids' Books

We maintain a large collection of children’s books, including:
  • Board Books
  • Pop-Up Books
  • Books with Sound
  • Picure Books
  • Early Literacy
  • I-Can-Read
  • Juvenile Non-Fiction

Kids' Multimedia

Kids’ Multimedia

Tired of turning pages? Why not check out our Kids’ Multimedia collection, which includes:

  • Kids’ Audio Books on CD and Tape
  • Kids’ Movies on DVD
  • Kids’ Music on CD




Kids’ Toy KitsKids' Toy Kits

This is something unique you may not see in every library. These canvas bags contain Toy Kits that you can check out and enjoy at home.

Each bag holds books, DVD’s, puzzles and a selection of toys and costume items based on a theme. Princess, Trains, Dinosaurs, Alphabet, and Farm are just some of the available toy kits we offer.





Movies on DVD and GamesDon’t forget to browse our regular collection for more kid-friendly items like:

  • Video Games for Wii, Playstation, and PC
  • Animated and Family Movies Rated G – PG13 on DVD