Welcome to our Seed Library!

The Modeste Bedient Memorial Library is proud to host a Seed Library, where we share seeds with local gardeners and aspiring green thumbs. Our mission is to support home gardeners, nurture locally adapted plant varieties and build community through seed sharing and home-grown food. If community members wish, they can donate their own seeds for others to borrow.

How do I borrow seeds?

The seeds in our seed library are completely free to the public (to those with and without a membership) and do nto have to be checked out like traditional library materials do. You may take as much seed as you wish but, please, only take as much seed as you can reasonably plant, nurture (and eat!) in a single growing season for your family. The library reserves the right to impose limits on seed take-outs, if necessary.

What seeds are available?

In our seed library section, we have a green 3-ring binder that features all the seed available within our oak seed cabinet. You can also browse our seed inventory below! Don’t forget to check back regularly, as our inventory changes based on season and new donations.

Where do I get the instructions on how to plant the seeds?

Below is a directory of our seeds listed A-Z by seed supplier. You can browse by scrolling down on this page to find your seed or hit CTRL-F on your keyboard and locate it via the pop-up search box. For each seed listed in this online directory, we have a link to the growing instructions that you can view and print. If you are seeking additional information on how to grow plants, the library has added several new gardening books that are available for checkout. These new titles are located in the seed library section.

Where do the seeds come from?

The Seed Library Project is funded (in part) by a grant from the Foundation for Southern Tier Libraries. Seeds were purchased from Baker Creek Seeds and Johnny’s Selected Seeds via this grant. We have also received donations from companies who provide non-GMO, open-pollinated or heirloom varieties. We are grateful to Burpee, The Seed Savers Exchange, Sow Right Seeds, and Baker Creek Seeds for their generous donations to get our seed collection started.

Have a question about the seed library?

The Seed Library was spearheaded by Library Director Shelley Pierce. You can contact her by phone (315) 595-2899, e-mail at pierces@stls.org or via Facebook Messenger (@ModesteBedientMemorialLibrary).

Share your progress

We would love to see the fruits of your labor! Tag us on social media to share how your plants are doing on Facebook (@ModesteBedientMemorialLibrary) or Instagram (@branchport_library).

Donate to our seed library

A seed library needs to be continually restocked for long-term success. Monetary donations are greatly welcomed so that new seed and packaging supplies (envelopes, re-closable poly bags and labels) can be purchased. You can make a monetary contribution at the circulation desk with a completed donation form.

It is our hope that over time, we will also receive seeds that are self-harvested by community members. Place some seeds for the Seed Library in clearly labeled envelopes or containers. Please label your envelope, jar or baggie with a donation slip from our seed library. The more information that you provide, the better we can track the success of our local seed stories.

Below is a complete directory of the seeds that will be available along with links to growing instructions. If you would like seeds that are not in the cabinet and are in a full size packet, please make an inquiry at the circulation desk and we will either give you a full size packet (if we have multiples of that packet) or give you a number of seeds from that packet to take home.

American SeedGypsophilaCovent GardenFull Size Packet
American SeedHelichrysumTall Double MixedFull Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAfrican DaisyBlue Disc (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAgastacheRose Mint (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAgeratumMixed (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAmaranthChinese Multicolor Spinach (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAmaranthDreadlocks (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAmaranthGolden Giant (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsArugulaWasabi (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAsparagusMary Washington (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBananaPink (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBasilEmily (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeansCalima (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeansCherokee Trail of Tears (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeansContender (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeansDragon Tongue (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeans1500 Year Old Cave (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeansGolden Butterwax (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeansJade (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeansRattlesnake Pole (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeetsAlbino (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeetsBull’s Blood (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeetsDetroit Dark Red (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeetsEarly Wonder (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBeetsGolden (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBok ChoyMilk (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBok ChoyPurple Lady (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBorageBorage (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBroccoliCalabrese Green Sprouting (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBroccoliEarly Purple Sprouting (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBroccoliPurple Peacock (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBroccoliRomanesco Italia (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBroccoliWaltham 29 (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBrussels SproutsGroninger (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBrussels SproutsLong Island Improved (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsBrussels SproutsRed Rubine (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCabbageGolden Acre (link) (instructions N/A)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCabbageRed Express (link) (instructions N/A)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCalendulaPacific Beauty Mix (link) (instrutions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCalendulaStrawberry Blonde (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCarawayCaraway (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCarrotAtomic Red (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCarrotChantenay Red Core (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCarrotCosmic Purple (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCarrotDanvers 126 Half Long (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCarrotKyoto Red (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCarrotSt. Valery (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCauliflowerGreen Macerata (link) (instructions N/A)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCauliflowerPurple of Sicily (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCeleryChinese Pink (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCeleryChinese White (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCeleryUtah Tall (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsChamomileGerman (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsChinese BroccoliYod Fah (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsChinese CabbageLate Nagasaki (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsChivesCommon (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsChoyYellow Heart Winter (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCilantroSlo-Bolt (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCilantroDwarf Lemon (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCloverCrimson (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCockscombVariegated (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCollardsGeorgia Southern (Creole) (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCollardsVates (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCornAtomic Orange (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCornDakota Black (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCornCountry Gentleman (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCornDamaun KS Super Sweet (link) (instructions N/A)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCornGlass Gem (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCornOrchard Baby (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCornPainted Mountain (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCornStrawberry (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCosmosApricot Lemonade (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCosmosCandyfloss Red (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCosmosFizzy Rose Picotee (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCosmosSea Shells (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCucumberArmenian Yard Long (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCucumberBeit Alpha (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCucumberChicago Pickling (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCucumberDragon’s Egg (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCucumberLemon Cuke (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCucumberMiniature White (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCuminCumin (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsDianthusHollandia Purple Crown (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsDillBouquet (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantAswad (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantBlack Beauty (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantCambodian Green Giant (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantChinese String (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantDiamond (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantRosita (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantShiromaru (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantThai Lavender Frog Egg (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantThai Purple Ribbed (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsEggplantTurkish Orange (link N/A) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsElecampaneHorse Heal (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsFennelBronze (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsFlaxFlax (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsGoji BerryBlack (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsGoji BerryScarlet (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsGourdCucuzzi, Serpente Di Sicilia (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsGourdsBirdhouse (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsGreensEndive, Frisee (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsGreensChijimisai (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsGround CherryAunt Molly’s (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsHollyhockDouble Carnival Rosy Red (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsHuckleberryChichiquelite (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsHuckleberryGarden (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsKaleSea (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsKaleBlue Curled Scotch (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsKaleScarlet (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsKaleWalking Stick (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsKaleRussian Red or Ragged Jack (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLeekBulgarian Giant (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLeekAutumn Giant (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLemongrassLemongrass (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLettuceButter King (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLettuceLollo Rossa (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLettuceRouge D’Hiver (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLima BeanHenderson’s Bush (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLong BeanChinese Red Noodle (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLong BeansTaiwan Yard Long (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLong BeansThai Soldier (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMarigoldColossus Red Gold Bicolor (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMarigoldCrackerjack Mix (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMarigoldQueen Sophia (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMelonBanana (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMelonGinger’s Pride (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMelonGolden Jenny (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMelonMinnesota Midget (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMelonPepino (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMelonSweet Passion (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMexican SunflowerRed Torch (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMilkweedShowy (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMilletMochi Awan (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMintMountain (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMitsubaJapanese Parsley (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMizuna605 Summer (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMoringaDwarf (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMotherwortChinese (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsMustardJapanese Giant Red (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsNaranjillaOrange (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsNasturtiumKing Theodore (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsOkraClemson Spineless (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsOnionHe Shi Ko-Bunching (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsOnionRed of Florence (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsOnionYellow Sweet Spanish (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsOnionUnzen Flat (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsOrachAurora Mixed (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsOreganoVulgare (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPansyCoronation Gold (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsParsleyHamburg Rooted (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsParsleyMoss Curled (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsParsnipHarris Model (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsGarden PeasLillian’s Caseload (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCowpeasCalifornia Blackeye Pea (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPeasDesiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPeasLaxton’s Progress #9 (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPeasLittle Marvel (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPeasMagnolia Blossom Tendril (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPeasSugar Bon (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPeasSugar Magnolia Tendril (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperAnaheim (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperApocalypse Scorpion (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperAshe County Pimento (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperBanana (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperBig Jim (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperBlot (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperBrazilian Starfish (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperBuena Mulata (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperBull Nose (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperCalifornia Wonder (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperCarolina Reaper (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperChinese Five Color (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperCraig’s Grande Jalapeno (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperDatil (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperEtiuda (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperFilius Blue (link) (instructions)Out of Stock
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperHabanada (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperItalian Pepperoncini (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heiroom SeedsPepperJay’s Peach Bhut Jolokia (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperJigsaw (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperJimmy Nardello Italian (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperKing of the North (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperKorean Dark Green (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperLemon Spice Jalapeno (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperLeutschauer Paprika (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperLilac Bell (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperManganji (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperOrange Spice Jalapeno (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperOzark Giant (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperPeach Carolina Reaper (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperPippin’s Golden Honey (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperPoblano (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperPumpkin Spice Jalapeno (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperShishito (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperSugar Rush Peach (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperSugar Rush Red (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepperYellow Monster (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPhloxCherry Caramel (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPhloxLavender Beauty (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPoppyAmazing Grey (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPoppyFalling In Love (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPoppyFlemish Antique (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPoppyMother of Pearl (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPoppyPandora (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPoppyRose Feathers (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPoppyPurple Peony (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRadicchioCastelfranco (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRadishEarly Scarlet Globe (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRadishFrench Breakfast (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRadishGiant of Sicily (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRadishJapanese Wasabi (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRadishPink Beauty (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRadishSichuan Red Beauty (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRhubarbVictorian (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRosemaryRosy (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSalad BlendRocky Top Lettuce (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSnake BeanChinese Python (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSpinachBloomsdale Long Standing (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSpinachMerlo Nero (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashBlack Futsu (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashCrookneck-Early Golden Summer (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashFlat white Boer Pumpkin (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashLemon (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashNew England Sugar Pie Pumpkin (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashVegetable Spaghetti (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashYellow Scallop (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashZucchini, Gray (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashZucchini, Green Bush (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSquashZucchino Rampicante (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsStrawberryAlexandria (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsStrawflowerTall Double Mix (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSunflowerEvening Sun (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSunflowerMammoth Grey Striped (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSunflowerRed Sun (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSunflowerTall Orange Sun (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSweet AlyssumDwarf Rainbow Mix (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSwiss ChardOriole Orange (link) (instructions N/A)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSwiss ChardPerpetual Spinach (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSwiss ChardVulcan (link) (instructions N/A)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTamarilloDwarf (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTatsoiTatsoi (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsThymeThyme (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoA Grappoli D’Inverno (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoBlack Beauty (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoBlack Cherry (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoBrad’s Atomic Grape (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoBrandywine (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoChadwick Cherry (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoClassic Beefsteak (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoCour Di Bue (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoDad’s Sunset (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoGreen Doctors (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoIsis Candy Cherry (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoKellogg’s Breakfast (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoMartino’s Roma (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoMissouri Pink Love Apple (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoMushroom Basket (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoOrange Hat (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoPaul Robeson (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoSpoon (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoThorburn’s Terra-Cotta (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTomatoVernissage “Art Colors” Mix (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsToothache PlantBulls Eye (link) (instructions)Full size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTurnipTokinashi (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsWatercressAqua Large Leaf (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsWatermelonSilver Yamato (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsWatermelonSugar Baby (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsWatermelonSugar Baby Bush (link) (instructions)Out of Stock
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsWheatRed Fife (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsWonderberryWonderberry (link) (instructions)Cabinet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsZinniaCandy Cane Mix (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsZinniaPersian Carpet (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsZinniaPolar Bear (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsZinniaWill Rogers (link) (instructions)Full Size Packet
BurpeeBaby’s BreathEarly Snowball (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeBasilSummerlong (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeBroccoliSun King Hybrid (link)Full size Packet
BurpeeCarrotKaleidoscope Blend (link)Full size Packet
BurpeeCarrotYaya Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeCeleryTall Utah 52-70 R Improved (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeChivesGarlic (link)Full size Packet
BurpeeCilantroConfetti (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeCilantroCoriander (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeCucumberSalad Bush Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeDillFernleaf (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeDillMammoth (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeEggplantEarly Midnight Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeKaleDwarf Blue Curled Vates (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeLavenderLavender Lady (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeLettuceAll Season Romaine Blend (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeLettuceGreen Ice (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeLettuceSilviaFull size Packet
BurpeeMarjoramSweet (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeOkraClemson Spineless (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeOnionWhite Lisbon Bunching (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeePeaGarden Sweet (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeePepperCosta Rican Sweet Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeePepperJalapeno Gigante (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeePepperJalapeno Ring Leader Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeePoppyLadybirdFull Size Packet
BurpeeRadishCrispy CrunchFull Size Packet
BurpeeSquashPeter Pan Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeSteviaHoneyleafFull Size Packet
BurpeeSwiss ChardFordhook Giant (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeTomatoBetter Boy Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeTomatoBrandywine Pink (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeTomatoBurpee’s Early Pick VF Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeTomatoFourth of July Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeTomatoShimmer Hybrid (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeTomatoSweetie (link)Full size Packet
BurpeeWatermelonBlacktail Mountain (link)Full Size Packet
BurpeeZinniaExquisite (link)Full Size Packet
Ferry MorseMustardGiant RedFull Size Packet
Johnny’sBasilPiccolino (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sBeansBorsalino Bush (link)Jumbo Packet
Johnny’sBeansProvider Bush (link)Jumbo Packet
Johnny’sBeetsTouchstone Gold (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sCarrotDragon (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sCarrotYellowstone (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sCauliflowerAmazing (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sCucumberDiva (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sCucumberH-19 Little Leaf (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sGourdsAutumn Wings Blend (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sGreensPremium Mix (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sKaleKalebration Mix (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sLeekTadorna (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sLettuceAllstar Gourmet (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sLettuceButtercrunch (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sOnionNew York Early (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sOnionParade (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sOnionRossa Di Milano (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sOreganoGreek (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sPeasSugar Snap (link)Jumbo Packet
Johnny’sPepperLunchbox Mix (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sRadishEaster Egg II (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sRhubarbVictoria (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sRosemaryPrimed (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sSpinachBloomsdale (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sSquashHowden Pumpkin (link)Jumbo Packet
Johnny’sSquashSpaghetti (link)Jumbo Packet
Johnny’sSquashTuffy Acorn Winter (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sSquashWaltham Butternut (link)Jumbo Packet
Johnny’sSquashYellow Crookneck (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sSwiss ChardBright Lights (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sThymeGerman Winter (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sTomatoAmish Paste (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sTomatoOregon Spring (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sTomatoSunrise Bumble Bee (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sTomatoTasmanian Chocolate (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sTomatoWisconsin 55 (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sTurnipPurple Top White Globe (link)Full Size Packet
Johnny’sWatermelonSugar Baby (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeBeanClimbing French (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeBeanKentucky Wonder Pole (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeBeanLina Sisco’s Bird Egg (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeBeetEarly Blood Turnip (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeBeetLong Season Winter Keeper (link N/A)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeBrussels SproutsLong Island Improved (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeButterflyweedButterflyweed (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeCabbageEarly Jersey Wakefield (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeCarrotOxheart (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeCollardEllen Felton Dark (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeColumbineDwarf (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeCornSeneca Red Stalker (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeCosmos MixSea Shells (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeCucumberDouble Yield (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeCucumberJapanese Climbing (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeCucumberMexican Sour Gherkin (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeEggplantLouisiana Green Oval (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeKaleScarlet (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeLeekBlue Solaise (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeLettuceAunt Mae’s Bibb (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeLettuceJebousek (link N/A)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeMelonAmish (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeMelonBoule d’Or (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeMelonEmerald Gem (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeMelonHealy’s Pride (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeNew England AsterNew England Aster (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangePeaSutton’s Harbinger (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangePeaSwenson Swedish (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangePepperFeher Ozon Paprika (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangePepperJimmy Nardello’s (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangePepperSheepnose Pimento (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeRadishRat-Tailed (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeRed MilkweedRed Milkweed (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeRunner BeanScarlet Runner (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeRutabagaCairns Family Hanover (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeSquashHoney Boat (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeSquashPennsylvania Dutch Crookneck (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeStockNight-Scented (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeSunflowerAztec Sun (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeSunflowerVelvet Queen (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeSwiss ChardRhubarb Red (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeTomatoAunt Ruby’s German Green (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeTomatoFederle (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeTomatoIgleheart Yellow Cherry (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeTomatoLemon Drop (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeTomatoTommy Toe (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeTomatoVelvet Red (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeVining PetuniaOld-Fashioned (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeWatermelonMountain Sweet Yellow (link)Full Size Packet
Seed Savers ExchangeWhite Cypress VineWhite Cypress Vine (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsArugulaEruca Sativa (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsBasilGenovese (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsBasilGreek (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsBeetChioggia (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsBeetCylindra (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsBeetDetroit Dark Red (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsBeetGolden Globe (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsBroccoliDi Cicco (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCabbageGolden Acre (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCabbageMichihili (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCabbageSavoy Perfection (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCarrotImperator 58 (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCarrotKuroda (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCarrotRainbow Mix (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCarrotScarlet Nantes (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsChivesCommon (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCilantroCoriandrum Sativum (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsCucumberBeit Alpha (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsEchinaceaPurple Coneflower (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsEggplantLong Purple (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsFrench MarigoldDainty Marietta (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsGarden PeasSugar Snap (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsKaleDwarf Blue Curled Scotch (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsKaleImproved Dwarf Siberian (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsKaleLacinato (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsKaleRed Russian (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsKohlrabiWhite Vienna (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsLettuceButtercrunch (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsLettuceGreat Lakes (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsLettuceGreen Salad Bowl (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsLettuceJericho (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsLettuceLolla Rosa (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsLima BeanHenderson (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsMintMentha Spicata (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsOnionRed Creole (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsOnionYellow Sweet Spanish (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsOreganoOriganum Vulgare (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsParsleyFlat Leaf (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsPepperCubanelle (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsPepperJalapeno (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsPepperSerrano (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsPepperSweet Banana (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsRadishChampion (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsRadishFrench Breakfast (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsRadishJapanese Minowase Daikon (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsSpinachViroflay (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsSquashWaltham Butternut (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsSwiss ChardRainbow (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsSageSalvia Officinalis (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsThymeThymus Vulgaris (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsTomatoRoma (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsTomatoSan Marzano (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsTurnipPurple Top (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsZinniaLuminosa (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsZucchiniGrey (link)Full Size Packet
Sow Right SeedsZucchiniRound (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedBasilSweet Basil (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedBeansDior (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedBeansLady Di (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedBeansLimka (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedBeansProvider (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedBeetsCylindra (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedBrussels SproutsIgor F1 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedCarrotMerida F1 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedCarrotNegovia F1 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedCarrotYaya F1 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedCornGlass Gem (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedCornStrong Start 7112 F1Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedCornHooker’s Sweet Indian (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedCucumberArmenian (link)Full size Packet
Territorial SeedCucumberMarketmore 97 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedCucumberParaiso F1 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedLettuceMilagro (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedMustardAmara Ethiopian Kale (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedPeasSugar Ann (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedPeasSweet Horizon (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedPepperAncho Poblano (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedRadishCherry Belle (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedSpinachBloomsdale Savoy (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedSquashLatino F1 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedSwiss ChardFire Fresh F1 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedSwiss ChardGolden ChardFull Size Packet
Territorial SeedTomatoOrange Paruche F1 (link)Full Size Packet
Territorial SeedTomatoStupice (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsAcornFestival (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsAgastacheLicorice Mint (link)Full size Packet
West Coast SeedsAmaranthBurgundy Grain (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsArugulaAstro (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBasilGenovese (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBeetsAvalanche (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBeetsBeet Blend (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBeetsEarly Wonder Tall Top (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBroad BeansWindsor (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBroccoliAtlantis “Brokali” (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBroccoliGreen Magic (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBrussels SproutsGustus (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBush BeansCarson (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBush BeansCassoulet (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsBush BeansMasai (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCabbageEarly Jersey Wakefield (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCabbageTaiwan Cabbage (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCarrotsBolero (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCarrotsRainbow Blend (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCarrotsRoyal Chantenay (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCatnipNepeta cataria (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCauliflowerAmazing (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCauliflowerFioretto 60 (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCeleriacBrilliant (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCeleryRedventure (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsChicoryBroadleaf Escarole (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsChivesAllium schoenoprasum (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCollardsTop Bunch (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCornGolden Jubilee (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCornKandy King (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCornPeaches & Cream (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCornPicasso (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCorn SaladVIT (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCornflowerMixed Cornflowers (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCucumbersGreen Dragon (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCucumbersLemon (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsCucumbersMercury (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsDillDukat Dill (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsEggplantPiccolo (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsKaleImproved Siberian (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsKaleLacinato (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsKaleRed Russian (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsKohlrabiKolibri (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsLeeksTadorna (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsLettuceBuckley (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsLettuceButtercrunch (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsLettuceParris Island Cos (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsLettuceGrand Rapids TBR (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsLettuceRed Sails (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsLettuceRed Salad Bowl (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsLettuceRouge D’Hiver (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsMelonsDiplomat (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsMelonsDivergent (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsMustardKomatsuna (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsMustardMizuna (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsMustardRed Komatsuna (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsNasturtiumEmpress of India (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsNepetaPink Panther (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsOnionsCabernet (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsOnionsKincho (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsOnionsZoey (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsPac ChoiToy Choi (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsParsleyDark Green Italian (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsPole BeansBlue Lake Pole (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsPumpkinsSmall Sugar (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsQuinoaBrightest Brilliant (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsRadishEaster Egg II Blend (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsRadishFrench Breakfast (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsScallopiniSunburst (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsShelling PeasGreen Arrow (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsShelling PeasSabre (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSnap PeasSugar Ann (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSnap PeasSugar Daddy (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSnow PeasMammoth Melting Sugar (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSpinachMonstrueux De Viroflay (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSpinachOlympia (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSquashBlack Beauty (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSquashEarly Butternut (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSquashRonde De Nice (link)Full Size Packet
West coast SeedsSquashUchiki Red Kuri (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSquashVegetable Spaghetti (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSunflowerGiganteus (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSwiss ChardRhubarb Chard (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsSwiss ChardSilverado (link)Full Size Packet
West coast SeedsTurnipsHakurei (link)Full Size Packet
West Coast SeedsTurnipsPurple Top White Globe (link)Full Size Packet